Escape The Crowds and Visit Cocholgue

Cocholgue (Photo credit: Felipondriox)

In the vicinity of Tome in central Chile there is a small fishing village with an excellent beach and excellent seafood. Quiet and distinctly Chilean Cocholgue is an excellent place to visit and get a real taste of Chile.

Cocholgue - panoramio
Cocholgue - panoramio (Photo credit: Panoramio upload bot)

One of the more popular attractions is the town's beach also called Cocholgue. The small beach is surrounded by impressive fifty-meter bluffs or steppes that split the beach and give way to white sand and crystal clear crashing wave: making it a very peaceful place to relax and enjoy the beautiful Pacific Ocean. While some visitors may be put off by the surf and lack of swimming opportunities others will grab there body boards and surf boards and get to work. The surf is quality enough to host popular surf and body boarding competitions. After a day soaking up the rays or getting pummeled by waves, you would be remiss to pass up the local food. The community is primarily a fishing port and so you will be at the foods first port of call. In other words, you will be served fresh and delicious local cuisine.

Maria estela
Maria estela (Photo credit: Felipondriox)

From Tome one can make there way north via bus to Dichato, a short trip, and perhaps stay in the area and enjoy the beaches and resorts. The town is very popular summer location. To escape the crowds one can escape by bus and enjoy a quieter beach (if you don't take into consideration the impressive surf) and spice it up with some fresh seafood.

One of the joys of Cocholgue is that it is off the beaten path. A visit to the villa will yield all the attractions of a costal town but without the crowds. Visit this town, bring your surfboard and be prepared to enjoy some great food and meet some friendly locals.

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