Enjoying the Gorges du Durnand

Gorges du Durnand Switzerland
Gorges du Durnand Switzerland (Photo credit: Gzzz)

Switzerland has long been known for its natural beauty. The Swiss Alps are legendary for their stunning height, the central plateau has hundreds of beautiful lakes, and the valleys are breathtaking. One little known area of beauty is Gorges du Durnand, a series of waterfalls near Lake Geneva. In countryside that has been sculpted and carved by ice and water, the path of these waterfalls cuts through green mountains and flows down from above, creating a gorgeous path of purified water.

Gorges du durnand5
Gorges du durnand5 (Photo credit: File Upload Bot (Magnus Manske))

The Gorges du Durnand is a series of 14 waterfalls that cuts a path through the Swiss mountainside. Set in the natural beauty of Switzerland, the falls are surrounded by green slopes exploding upwards higher than the eye can see. In order to properly observe the falls, it is necessary to walk their path. This is made easier by the creation of a wooden walkway along the mountainside, which allows visitors to take in the raw power and beauty of the falls. With the rushing water below and the sheer cliffs above, the visitor is treated to fantastic views of the falls from an angle that would be otherwise impossible. In adition to the waterfalls, visitors to the site can also relax in the cafe that has been built at the front gates of the park, allowing for a little relaxation in the natural wonder of the Gorges du Durnand.

Gorges du durnand2
Gorges du durnand2 (Photo credit: File Upload Bot (Magnus Manske))

Going to Switzerland, visitors know that they will experience nature at its finest, from the spectacular views of the Alps to the gorgeous panoramic shots of the plateaus. By visiting the Gorges du Durnand, visitors are treated to gorgeous views that can be seen in no other part of the country. Sky-high mountains with rushing water flowing down its cracks creates an experience like no other, where a person can be surrounded by beauty of all kinds.

Gorges du durnand3
Gorges du durnand3 (Photo credit: File Upload Bot (Magnus Manske))

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