Enjoy A Czech River Cruise

Praha - Vltava - View SE
Praha - Vltava - View SE (Photo credit: Txllxt TxllxT)

The Czech Republic is a small, sweetheart of a nation deep in the historic heart of Central Europe, and it is filled with a rich and diverse mix of natural beauty and incredible cities. Exploring this unforgettable land on a Czech river cruise, you will glide along the glorious Elbe River to view majestic sandstone cliffs, quaint countryside and a cultural melting pot of centuries old castle towns and vibrant cities that overflow with vitality.

Praha - Vltava - View East
Praha - Vltava - View East (Photo credit: Txllxt TxllxT)

Used for shipping freight for more than a thousand years, this river still features many river cruise paddle steamers that have been in operation since the eighteen hundreds. The source of the Elbe River begins in the awe inspiring Giant Mountains. The Vltava River, also a very popular cruising river, merges with the Elbe taking the traveler through the capitol city of Prague. The architecture of Prague is stunning, and the gothic wonder of the Charles Bridge full of bustling trades and beautiful sculptures, is truly a sight to behold.

Český Krumlov - Rybářská - View NNW along the Moldau - Vltava river
Český Krumlov - Rybářská - View NNW along the Moldau - Vltava river (Photo credit: Txllxt TxllxT)

Sections of the Vltava River have been dammed to create lakes along the way and offer endless opportunities for abundant sight seeing, fishing, rafting, and even hiking in the picturesque national parks. There are dozens of restaurants featuring local foods, beers (especially Pilsner), and a delightful array of wines, as well as beach combing, antique shops and cycling.

Zvíkov 1
Zvíkov 1 (Photo credit: Karelj)

To experience the idyllic charm of Central Europe, an enchanting cruise on the river, past breath taking country landscapes and beckoning waterways is a fabulous choice for a memorable holiday. River cruise options are available from just a sunset dinner cruise that lasts for the evening, surrounded by the city’s sparkling lights, to twelve day excursions that will reveal ancient Roman out posts, grand palaces, captivating vineyards on the Rhine or Danube, and the loveliest gardens, all bathed in the most dramatic baroque and gothic imagery. A czech cruise provides the timeless feel of ancient romance and modern luxury that is guaranteed to make memories for a lifetime.

Vltava u Jarova
Vltava u Jarova (Photo credit: Pajast)

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