Dyrhólaey Beach of Iceland

Dyrhólaey-1 (Photo credit: The.Rohit

Iceland, the home of Björk, blodmor sausage, dog sledding, waterfalls and beaches. Though "beach" is definitely not the first environment you think of when you hear Iceland.

Dyrholaey Beach, close to Vik, on the southern coastline of Iceland, is considered to be on the most beautiful beaches in the world, despite it obviously not being located in the tropics.

Dyrholaey actually means "Door Hole" in Icelandic, and this area is called such because of a rock formation in the ocean with a giant arch in the midst of it. The arch is so big, that during calm weather, ships can sail through it. It is near a series of large cliffs that allow you to take advantage of a great panorama of the sea and the rock formations.

Dyrhólaey (Photo credit: Matt Riggott

The sand at Dyrholaey Beach is actually made of black volcanic ash and lava. While you can swim, it is usually very cold, and very dangerous! There are of course, no lifeguards at the beach. It is satisfying enough to explore the balsatic rock formations in the cliffs, and take in the great view of a black sand coast that appears to go on for ages.

Dyrholaey beach nr Vik Iceland (Photo credit: :mrMark:

There are many rock columns out in the ocean, as well as many to explore and climb up on the coast.

Black sand and shingle beach Dyrholaey (Photo credit: NatJLN

Words do not adequately describe the natural and tranquil beauty of the black sand beach, the cliffs, and the naturally created, aesthetically fascinating rocks that look as though they had to be sculpted by a great artist.

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