Dogo Onsen Hot Spring, Japan

Dogo Onsen 2017-04-05 (34325087542)
Dogo Onsen 2017-04-05 (34325087542) (Photo credit: Ytoyoda)

Dogo Onsen is the most famous, and possibly even the oldest, hot spring in Japan. This site is steeped in over 3,000 years of legend and lore, and remains a popular site for Japanese tourists and foreigners as well. When you visit, you will be able to enjoy the springs that are said to have healing powers and luxuriate in a structure that was built in the late 1800′s to house visitors. Due to its popularity, it is easy to get to from almost anywhere in Japan and is well worth the visit.

道後溫泉 Dogo Onsen - panoramio
道後溫泉 Dogo Onsen - panoramio (Photo credit: Panoramio upload bot)

Though open to the public, visitors to the Dogo Onsen will be charged for the time that they spend there. Packages are customizable, and your budget will determine whether you bathe with others or can enjoy a private room. Those who are traveling on a budget should be aware that extras such as towels and soap can be obtained at the site, but they will come at a price. If you wish to enjoy the area without investing too much, bring this essentials with you when you go.

Dogo Hot Spring
Dogo Hot Spring (Photo credit: Jyo81)

This name can also be applied to the resort like area surround the hot spring itself. Here, one will find beautiful restaurants as well as other spas and relaxation facilities. The town is well maintained and charming and studiously maintains a relaxing feel. If this will be your first visit to Japan, you should prepare yourself for the crowds that you will undoubtedly be faced with. To avoid some of the rush, it is advisable to keep a different schedule than the locals. This means scheduling your visit to the hot spring as early in the day that you can and avoiding the packed hour before dinner.

A visit to the Dogo Onsen will enable you to enjoy one of the oldest hot spring sites in Japan. Though few residents still believe that it has healing powers, they still flock to it for the relaxation that it provides.

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