Cycling tours in Germany

Frankfort Street (Photo credit: Let Ideas Compete)

Germany is a bicycling paradise with over 31,000 miles (50,000 kilometers) of signed (or marked) bicycle routes and 150 separate trails. Tours are available in every region of the country. Cycling is a part of the German culture and many communities have individual signed bike routes. The German Tourism industry and national train system have assisted in making the entire country "bike friendly".

Purchase a cycling route map at local train stations and bookstores for a self-guided tour or make reservations with a tour company for a wonderful journey.

Salzburg, Austria (Photo credit: Nigel's Europe)

The "Sound of Music Bicycle Tour" explores Salzburg and surrounding area. The Murchenroute, part of Germany's Fairytale Road, traces the Grimm brothers'travels between their Hanau birthplace and Bremen while passing the "Sleeping Beauty" castle of Sadaburg. Some of the most beautiful, scenic cycling tours in Germany are through Bavaria, along the Saar River, and through the Rhine, Mosel and Elbe River valleys.

The Griese area has heathland, pinewoods and peat bogs while the hinterland offers deciduous forests and flower meadows.

Elbe River Valley, Saxony (Photo credit: YFNL)

The Elbe Valley's lowland forests and backwaters are teeming with storks, cranes, otters and beavers. Travel from Lake Constance into the alpine Bavarian Allgaeu Mountains with breathtaking views of the Alps. Vineyards in western Germany are the world's highest and steepest and welcome visitors.

Lutherstadt main street (Photo credit: Michael and Franzie Nelson)

Experience evening tours of historic places and museums with costumed guides in the World Heritage Site of Lutherstadt Wittenberg, where the Reformation began.

Visit Torgau, the beautiful Renaissance town that survived World War II intact. See the Saxon Sandstone Mountains and the artisitc treasures of Dresden. Travel to the fanciful castles of King Ludwig II or visit half-timbered villages and Roman ruins. In the center of Saarburg have coffee beside the waterfall.

Step off the bicycle and hike in the mountains or enjoy some of the traditional wine taverns and open air restaurants. Visit gardens and palaces,tour churches and see museums. Whichever tour is chosen, cycling tours in Germany are wonderful adventures.

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