Clifton Beach in Pakistan: Your Own Private Stretch of Land

Clifton Beach Karachi - panoramio
Clifton Beach Karachi - panoramio (Photo credit: Panoramio upload bot)

When visiting Pakistan, a sure spot to visit to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city is Clifton Beach. Located within Karachi, its sprawling sand and gorgeous view of the sea provides a return to nature that can be difficult to find when sprinting across busy roads or visiting the local cinema. It was once one of the most popular beaches in Pakistan, the area was unfortunately hit by an oil spill in 2003. Seven years later, little evidence of the event remains, other than the fact that the beach is now mostly empty. Tourists flocked to other beaches because of the spill and have yet to realize that the once famous beach is again pristine and beautiful.

Karachi Sunset
Karachi Sunset (Photo credit: Leo3D)

This, of course, all works to the advantage of the tourist who does not want to be sandwiched between hundreds of other beach goers. Imagine an entire stretch of primeval beach in the middle of the beautiful summer all to yourself. There is no one to bother you, and no one to compete with for the best spots. You can simply take a stroll in the sand in peace or better yet, ride a camel or horse along the water's edge. In addition, because of the former popularity of the beach, a multitude of amusement rides and attractions litter the beach's proximity, allowing the more energetic and thrill seeking tourist the opportunity for entertainment.

SUNSET IN CLIFTON BEACH KARACHI (Photo credit: Hunzographer)

Anyone looking for a quiet getaway that has all the fun of a bustling area with none of the bustle should consider Clifton Beach in Pakistan as their next vacation destination.

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