Canyoning in Spain

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If off-the-beaten-path adventure sounds like your idea of fun, canyoning in Spain should be at the top of your list. You may remember that Spain is separated from France by the mighty Pyrenees Mountains – and where there are mountains, there are canyons.

You will find over a hundred of them in the Sierra de Guara, which is a mountain massif in northern Spain. It is part of a huge nature preserve, and is peppered with quaint ancient towns and untouristed Roman ruins. Sierra de Guara’s limestone canyons offer a mixture of cliffs, caves, hills, and mid-sized mountains for you to enjoy scrambling through, up, down, and over.

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In canyoning (called canyoneering in the United States), your exhilarating job is to travel through a canyon, usually with water at the bottom, doing whatever it takes – trekking, swimming, floating, caving, rappeling, climbing, jumping, sliding along a zip line many meters across the canyon, and/or making your way up or down a waterfall. Fans of canyoning say it is the most fun you can have, period, and you will want to do it again immediately.

For about 50 euros, a tour company will take you on a five- to seven-hour canyoning adventure. They will outfit you with neoprene wetsuits, a helmet, and a harness. They’ll also supply a first aid kit, ropes, and other necessary gear for canyoning. They’ll take you to the canyon, through the canyon, and back home again. If you are a first-time canyoneer, or have any problems with any of the challenging canyoning activities, a trained professional is right there to give you individual help.

Guides are very experienced and know what to expect and how to get you through it with the most pleasure and safety. The tour company will also supply delicious snacks, and a meal or two to enjoy with your fellow canyoneers, next to some clear, pristine pool or in other beautiful spot. All in all, canyoning in Spain is the perfect outdoor adventure: a little bit difficult and a lot of fun.

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