Buyukada (island), Turkey

Büyükada island, Turkey - panoramio (1)
Büyükada island, Turkey (Photo credit: Panoramio upload bot)

Büyükada, also known as the Prince Islands, is the largest of the islands off the coast of Istanbul. The ancient Greek name is Prinkipos. Prinkipos means "Prince" in Greek.

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It is one of the places frequented by local and foreign tourists with its historical and natural beauties. Transportation on the island (except official vehicles) where motor vehicles are prohibited is provided by bikes and carriages.


Beaches are available for those who want to enter the sea:

Eskibağ Beach
Halik Bay Beach
Princess Bay Beach
Yorukali Beach
Nakibey Beach
Sandy Beach
Aya Nikola Beach


Trotsky House Istanbul
Trotsky House Istanbul (Photo credit: Bertilvidet~commonswiki)

The house of Leo Trocki in the neighborhood of Nizam where he lived between 1929 and 1933 after his exile by Stalin , a Georgian-born Soviet leader , and the house of the famous writer Reşat Nuri Güntekin in Maden neighborhood are of the interest to those who visit the island.

Aya Yorgi Monastery
Aya Yorgi Monastery (Photo credit: Starliner)
Adalar 5546
Adalar 5546 (Photo credit: Darwinek)

The Aya Yorgi monastery and church have a special place: Every year on April 23 and September 24, countless people can climb up this 200-meter hill and reach the church, pray in line with their beliefs, hold intentions, or wish for a pray from a black-robed Orthodox priest in the hope of healing.

Aya Yorgi Church and Aya Yorgi Monastery are located on the highest hill of the island. The first building was built in the 6th century AD. There are also many churches and monasteries. Some of these have survived to the present day, some of them have been ruined.

IMG 1968BuyukAda
Houses of the Ottoman era on the streets of Buyukada (Photo credit: Tinelot)

On the Hill of Christ, there is the Hristos Church and Monastery and the Greek Orphanage. Although the Greek orphanage is a ruin, it is still one of the largest wooden monoblock structures in the world.

The church of Ayios Dimitrios in Kumsal district is one of the important religious buildings of Büyükada. The very small Orthodox community on the island makes their big rituals here.

Adalar 5565
Adalar 5565 (Photo credit: Darwinek)

The most remarkable architectural features are of the mosque in Büyükada. It is the Hamidiye Mosque built by Abdülhamid II. It is located on Ada Cami Street.

The Hamidiye Mosque (Hamidiye Mosque) on the island was built by Sultan Abdulhamid II in 1892-1893. 

There are synagogues, Catholics and Armenian churches on the island.

Adalar 5581
Adalar 5581 (Photo credit: Darwinek)

A number of mansions built by the Greek rich in the late Ottoman era have been preserved. The desolation continues to besiege the largest wooden building in Europe, known as the “Greek shelter” (Prinkipo Palace) on the Christ Hill (İsa Tepesi): the building was built by a French company in 1898 as a hotel and casino, but its opening was not done with permission from Abdul Hamid and it served as a shelter for children of Greek origin from 1903 to 1964; In June 2010, the Patriarchate won the European Court of Human Rightsthe lawsuit against the government of Turkey on the ownership of the building and plans to carry out its restoration.

Islands Museum

Adalar muzesi surekli sergi 2
Adalar muzesi surekli sergi 2 (Photo credit: Bulentozden)

Istanbul's first modern city museum is Islands Museum , hundreds of objects the story from today the formation of the island, 20 thousand documents, 6 thousand photographs, hundreds of document capture, offers its visitors with organizations collection consists of film and oral history recordings. The museum has an archive of Ottoman document that focuses on the urban history of the islands. The mission of the Adalar Museum is to provide recognition of the historical, cultural and natural riches of the Princes ' Islands. It was designed by transforming the old helicopter hangar area at Aya Nikola Mevkii.

Istanbul City Lines, Istanbul Sea Buses , Bursa Sea Buses, Mavi Marmara, Prince Tour, Dentur and Turyol companies organize regular flights to Büyükada. The engines departing from Bostanci arrive at the island in about 35 minutes, while the ferries departing from Kabatas take 1 hour and 20 minutes, the sea buses departing from Kabatas are approximately 50 minutes and the engines departing from Kartal arrive to the island in about 30 minutes. Companies operating in Büyükada usually use 2 tariffs in summer and winter. The frequency of these trips also varies on weekdays and on weekends. Relevant schedules can be tracked using tariffs.

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