Blavet (river), France

Saint Nicolas Des Eaux (Photo credit: Sonja Pieper)

The Blavet river flows from central Brittany and enters the Atlantic Ocean on the south coast near Lorient. It is 148.9 km (92.5 mi) long. The river is canalised for most of its length, forming one of the links in the Brittany canal system. It connects with the Canal de Nantes √† Brest at Pontivy and runs to Hennebont, a distance of 60 km. From the last lock at Polvern, the river is tidal and considered as a maritime waterway, giving access to the seaport of Lorient and the Atlantic Ocean. It became more important when the western half of that system was cut off by the construction of the Guerl√©dan dam and hydropower plant. Today, boats coming from Nantes via Redon have to take the Canal du Blavet in order to reach the ocean near Lorient. Wikipedia

Kajakrutsche (Photo credit: Sonja Pieper)
The river Blavet at St Nicolas-des- Eaux (Photo credit: Rhian)
The Blavet, at St Nicolas-des-Eaux (Photo credit: Rhian)
On the bank of the Blavet, at St Nicolas-des-Eaux (Photo credit: Rhian)
The Blavet at Hennebont, with viaduct downstream (Photo credit: Rhian)
The River Blavet at Pontivy (Photo credit: Rhian)
The River Blavet at Pontivy (Photo credit: Rhian)
Ecole Communale Enfantine (Photo credit: Rhian)
The bridge over the Blavet at Bon Repos (Photo credit: Rhian)
The Blavet near Lochrist (Photo credit: Rhian)
Buds and Blavet (Photo credit: Rhian)
By the Blavet at Pontivy (Photo credit: Rhian)
Le Blavet, Pontivy (Photo credit: Rhian)
The mouth of the River Blavet at Lorient (Photo credit: Rhian)
The river Blavet (Photo credit: Rhian)
Le Blavet, near Bon Repos (Photo credit: Rhian)
Glistening water and shimmering grass (Photo credit: Rhian)

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