Arenal Hanging Bridges - Walk Along with Nature

Arenal Hanging Bridges 0745 adj
Arenal Hanging Bridges 0745 adj (Photo credit: Flickr upload bot)

The Arenal hanging bridges is one of the greatest tourist's projects of Costa Rica in the exuberant rain forest which covers about 250 hectares of the land. You can find a lot of biological diversity and natural scenic beauty all around. Experience natural paradise all along the walking trail of about 3 kilometers with 15 bridges passing by. Of these, six of them are hanging bridges securely designed to enjoy an adventurous tour around the forest. You can enjoy the beauty of the forest from ground level, from tree tops and from the middle levels.

Arenal Hanging Bridges, Costa Rica
Arenal Hanging Bridges, Costa Rica (Photo credit: Glabb)

Of these, one of the arenal hanging bridges is called 'The Waterfall Bridge' which is about 60 meters high from the ground. Another bridge is about 98 meters long and is called 'The Tyra Bridge.' There are over 250 different kinds of bird species which include the White Hawk, Rufous Motmot, Great Curassow, Rufous-tailed Jacamar, Black Throated Trogon and many more. People who enjoy bird watching can have a wonderful time looking at the different kinds of birds which may not be visible anywhere else.

Arenal Hanging Bridges, Costa Rica2
Arenal Hanging Bridges, Costa Rica2 (Photo credit: Glabb)

You can also get to see various reptiles like Boa Constrictor, Fer-de-lance, Glass Frog, basilisks Lizard and the Poison dart frog etc. Some interesting mammals include Howler Monkeys, Tyras, Spider Monkeys, Coatimundis, White collared Peccary and Three-toed Sloths etc. There are numerous varieties of insects which can be found on your trail like colorful beetles, butterflies, artistic web making spiders and leaf cutter ants etc. Apart from the trails you can also enjoy food at the on-site restaurant which has a terrace and provides great volcano views. One of the major attractions of the arenal hanging bridges is the night walk where you will be able to see many different kinds of animals which you have never seen before. From the Pilon Bridge you can get a perfect view of the Arenal volcano.

Cespedezia spathulata (Scott Zona) 001
Cespedezia spathulata (Scott Zona) 001 (Photo credit: Flickr upload bot)
Costa Rica - Arenal 03d
Costa Rica - Arenal 03d (Photo credit: Wayne77)

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