City of Omihachiman, Shiga Prefecture, Japan

Kyorinbo Omihachiman Shiga pref Japan20s3
Kyorinbo Omihachiman Shiga pref Japan20s3 (Photo credit: 663highland)

The Wonders Of The Burg Eltz Castle

Castle Eltz (121706463)
Castle Eltz (121706463) (Photo credit: Rodrigo.Argenton)

Hansaviertel (locality), Berlin

oscar niemeyer, hansaviertel housing, berlin 1956-1957 (Photo credit: seier+seier)

Socotra, Yemen

Desert rose (Photo credit: Gerry & Bonni)

Chamunda Devi Temple, India

Chamunda Devi Temple 02
Chamunda Devi Temple 02 (Photo credit: Ashish3724)

Sandstone Bridge in Jordan (Wadi Rum, near Petra)

Natural bridge in Wadi Rum (Photo credit: anjči)

Shirakawago, Japan

Shirakawago Ogimachi view 060109 #2 (Photo credit: tsuda)

No Other Option: A Honeymoon in Italy

Atrani on the Amalfi Coast (Photo credit: Glen MacLarty)

Uetliberg (mountain), Switzerland

Uetliberg (Photo credit: afritzse)

Eilean Donan: An Island Castle

Eilean Donan castle (Photo credit: Eusebius@Commons)

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