Bernried, Germany

Outstanding tree (Photo credit: dorena-wm)

Chijmes, Singapore

A Glittering City view from 24 floors above (Photo credit: William Cho)

Experiencing the Sazava River in Czech Republic

SAZAVA (Photo credit: m-louis)

Lake Peten Itza Guide

Muelle, Lago Peten Itzá (HDR) (Photo credit: Fernando Reyes Palencia)

Mekong Delta

SAIGON – Mekong Delta (Photo credit: williamcho)

Ushguli, Georgia

Ushguli (Photo credit: deguonis)

Humayun's Tomb in India

humayun's tomb, delhi (Photo credit: Een Ar)

Gordes village, France

Gordes 021 (Photo credit: Ming-yen Hsu)

Varenna, Lombardy, Italy

View of Lake Como from our Hotel (Photo credit: Lee Coursey)

Bright Angel Trail, Grand Canyon, USA

Kaibab It (Photo credit: subarcticmike)

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