Sakurajima (volcano), Japan

Sakurajima at Sunset (Photo credit: Kimon Berlin)

San Galgano Abbey (Sword in the Stone), Tuscany, Italy

San Galgano Abbey was erected during the early part of the 13th century and is noted as the first pure Gothic church built in Tuscany. It is laid out in a traditional Cistercian plan with the exception of the inclusion of a bell tower. It consists of a cloister, halls, three aisles, carved capitals...

Guilin (Li River), China

1996 #264-14 Guilin (Li River) (Photo credit: Dan Lundberg)

Cachticky Hrad is a Must See when Visiting Slovakia


Pfitscherjoch/ Passo di Visse bewteen Italy and Austria

Pfitscher Joch in Alps
Pfitscher Joch in Alps (Photo credit: File Upload Bot (Magnus Manske))

Piazza della Signoria, Florence, Italy

Piazza della Signoria (Photo credit: eblaser)

Wat Po, Thailand

Wat Po, Bangkok, Thailand (December 2009) (Photo credit: OzMark17)

Krak Des Chevaliers (fortress), Syria

krak des chevaliers (Photo credit: Hendrik Dacquin)

Belle Ile (island), France

Fort de Sarah Bernhardt - Les Poulains (Photo credit: LePhoenix)

Hortus Botanicus botanical garden, Leiden, Holland

Hortus Botanicus, Autumn (Photo credit: Deb Collins)

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