Camara de Lobos, Madeira, Portugal

Camara de Lobos (Photo credit: Ricardo Liberato)

Bangkal, Philippines

street nears taoist temple (Photo credit: burgermac)

Il Duomo, Milan

Il Duomo di Milano (Photo credit: Cristian Santinon)

Piazza del Campo, Tuscany, Italy

Piazza del Campo, Siena (Photo credit: PhillipC)

Trafalgar Falls, Dominica

trafalgar falls, Dominica Carnival Victory 1/18-1/25 2009 (Photo credit: Anthony Quintano)

Stradbroke Island, Australia

StradBroke Island Adventure (Photo credit: pAkNgaH NaZRi)

Arpoador, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Arpoador (Photo credit: Jeff Belmonte)

Sydney Wildlife World, Australia

Big Red Roos Relaxing in the Sun (Photo credit: Corrie Barklimore)

Kijal (town), Malaysia

Mount Aso volcano, Japan

Volcanoes are a thing of beauty and mystery in the world. Famous volcanoes, such as the one that destroyed Pompei, or, more recently, Mt. Saint Helens, have been capturing imaginations for years. Their beauty is complimented by their violent nature and the threat of destruction they carry. While...

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