Algonquin Park, Canada

Algonquin Park Swimming (Photo credit: Tracy Karges)

Konopiste castle

Konopiste II (Photo credit: MarekP)

Kosciol Mariacki (chruch), Poland

Iglesia de Nuestra Señora, Cracovia (Photo credit: Pablo Nicolás Taibi Cicare)

Kijal (town), Malaysia

Djoser pyramid, Giza, Egypt

IMG_0606 (Photo credit: Gerik Zayatz)

The Velké Dářko pond in Czech Republic

Rybník Velké Dářko 05
Rybník Velké Dářko 05 (Photo credit: Petr1888)

Taj Mahal Hotel, India

Taj Mahal Hotel (Photo credit: Christian Haugen)

Varkala Beach, India

Varkala beach (Photo credit: Kerala Tourism)

Sultan Ahmed Mosque, Turkey

Inside Blue Mosque Istanbul Constantinople Large HDR Panorama (Photo credit: zoutedrop)

Caleta Gonzalo, Chile

Caleta Gonzalo (Photo credit: betoscopio)

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