Mahua Kothi, India

Mahua Kothi dining room (Photo credit: brian.gratwicke)

Tafi Del Valle, Argentina

20 miles from tafi del valles (Photo credit: jonny.hunter)

Sydney Wildlife World, Australia

Big Red Roos Relaxing in the Sun (Photo credit: Corrie Barklimore)

Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico

Puerto Vallarta (Photo credit: Harvey Barrison)

Spinnaker tower, Portsmouth

Spinnaker Tower, Portsmouth (Photo credit: Martoneofmany)

The City of Ouarzazate Kasbah

Ouarzazate 03 (Photo credit: soveillame)

The Garden of Dreams, Thamel

Thamel-Garden-of-Dreams-fountain (Photo credit: lavenderstreak)

Ibiza, the Party Goers Paradise

Ibiza Evening (Photo credit: Aldas Kirvaitis)

Mayan Riviera (district), Mexico

IMG_1171 (Photo credit: jpurdy)

Timanfaya (park), Spain

Timanfaya National Park (Photo credit: Mike Lawrence)

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