Sofitel Old Cataract, Aswan, Egypt

Sofitel Old Cataract, Aswan (Photo credit: Dale Gillard)

Arequipa city, Peru

Arequipa (Photo credit: Danielle Pereira)

Skaftafell (park), Iceland

Ring Road (Photo credit: Andrea Schaffer)

Broga, Malaysia

Bukit Broga, Semenyih (Photo credit: irwandy)

Sandstone Bridge in Jordan (Wadi Rum, near Petra)

Natural bridge in Wadi Rum (Photo credit: anjči)

Dhermi (village), Albania

Dhermi-Drymades beach (Photo credit: MuntyPix)

Nuraghe (buildings), Italy

Nuraghe Mereu
Nuraghe Mereu (Photo credit: Dino Michelini)

New Year in Madeira

Holiday Madeira New Year 08-09 IMG_200 (Photo credit: Mark Woodbury)

Cocuy (park), Colombia

NIC_3156 (Photo credit: chris walker)

Theresienwiese, Munich, Germany

Theresienwiese (Photo credit: Boch)

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