Chamula (municipality), Mexico

San Juan de Chamula (Photo credit: OliBac)

Athabasca Glacier, Canada

Athabasca Glacier, Canada (Photo credit:

Bryce canyon, USA


Cordillera Blanca (mountain range), Peru

Alpamayo (Photo credit: Cristian Ordenes)

Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church, Berlin

Berlin, Germany (Photo credit: Nigel's Europe)

Pyramid of Khufu (Cheops), The Great Pyramid, Giza, Egypt

288. Khufu (in Greek known as Χέοψ, Cheops, pronounced /ˈhɛɒps/; according to Manetho, Σοῦφις, Suphis) was a Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt's Old Kingdom. He reigned from around 2589 to 2566 B.C.E Khufu was the second pharaoh of the Fourth Dynasty. (Photo credit: DAVID HOLT)

Egeskov, Denmark

Kasteel Egeskov (Photo credit: johan wieland)

Luang Nam Tha, Laos

Crossing the Mekong River to Laos (Photo credit: John Pavelka)

The Royal Temple Wat Suan Dok, Thailand

Chmaiwsuandok050611c (Photo credit: Hdamm)

Cascais beach, Lisbon


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