Maitencillo, Chile

Maitencillo (Photo credit: rhurtubia)

Kiyosumi, Tokyo, Japan

Kiyosumi Gardens in Autumn
Kiyosumi Gardens in Autumn (Photo credit: ehnmark)

Rila Monastery

Rila monastery (Photo credit: Biser Todorov)

Terracotta Museum, China

Pit 3 @ Terracotta Museum (Photo credit: Bernt Rostad)

Fingal's Cave, Staffa, Scotland

IMG_1623PANO (Photo credit: AJ Alfieri-Crispin)

Less obvious places to see in Czech Republic

Castle Mountain
Castle Mountain (Photo credit: JakubFrys)

Skytower, New Zealand

Sky Tower (Photo credit: zayzayem)

Staying in the Dunraven Arms Hotel

Front Dunraven 2016-09-03 08 010
Front Dunraven 2016-09-03 08 010 (Photo credit: Chris Light)

New Year in Madeira

Holiday Madeira New Year 08-09 IMG_200 (Photo credit: Mark Woodbury)

Valtice (castle), Czech Republic

Valtice castle outside Prague on the way to Český Krumlov (Photo credit: The Gifted Photographer)

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