Water puppets, Vietnam

water puppet show, hanoi (Photo credit: anthrovik)

Mahua Kothi, India

Mahua Kothi dining room (Photo credit: brian.gratwicke)

Belle Ile (island), France

Fort de Sarah Bernhardt - Les Poulains (Photo credit: LePhoenix)

Bandelier (monument), USA

Bandelier - storm rising (Photo credit: rgallant_photography)

Temaiken (zoo), Buenos Aires, Argentina

Flamingos (Photo credit: longhorndave)

Clifton Beach in Pakistan: Your Own Private Stretch of Land

Clifton Beach Karachi - panoramio
Clifton Beach Karachi - panoramio (Photo credit: Panoramio upload bot)

Tumon Bay, Guam

Tumon Bay (Photo credit: switchstyle)

Nassfeld, Austria

Nassfeld Hermagor Bergpanorama (Photo credit: Nassfeld)

Forillon, Canada

Parc national du Canada Forillon (Photo credit: abdallahh)

Tammerkoski, "Finland's Pearl of the North" for over 600 Years

Tammerkoski02 (Photo credit: Fvelcker~commonswiki)

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