Nuraghe (buildings), Italy

Nuraghe Mereu
Nuraghe Mereu (Photo credit: Dino Michelini)

Ranakpur Jain Temple - Architectural Excellence Worth Visiting

Jain Temple Ranakpur
Jain Temple Ranakpur (Photo credit: Imehling)

Zacango Zoo, Mexico

Zacango Zoo 4
Zacango Zoo 4 (Photo credit: Rivera0997)

The Collegio Papio in Ascona, Switzerland

The collegio papio has a long history that spans at least 400 years since it was originally established. This Catholic school combines the tradition of the faith with higher education. This historic school is located in beautiful Ascona, Switzerland. The intense education in various disciplines alo...

Mountain Treks in Northern Thailand

Welcome to Thailand! (Photo credit: RebelXTious)

Aurlandsfjord, Norway

Fjord at Sunset (Photo credit: positivesustainability)

Cotacachi, Ecuador

Cotacachi (Photo credit: 88rabbit)

Lumpini Park, Thailand

Lumpini Park Lights (Photo credit: MikeBehnken)

Como Lake, Lombardy, Italy

Lago di Como (Photo credit: Antonis Lamnatos)

The Ancient City of Petra, Jordan

Rock Cut Tombs, Petra (Photo credit: Rhys Davenport)

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