Elevador Lacerda in Salvador, Bahia

Brazil 11´ Elevador Lacerda (Photo credit: SaugnapfSauger)

Dolceacqua, Italy

Dolceacqua cortile medievale (Photo credit: sabricolombo)


2009-03-22 03-29 Sizilien 638 Agrigent, Parco Valle dei Templi Agrigento, Tempio di Ercole (Photo credit: Allie_Caulfield)

The Ammarin Bedouin Camp and Campgrounds, Jordan

Ammarin Bedouin Camp
Ammarin Bedouin Camp (Photo credit: sumi_sousa)

Bryce canyon, USA


Lukla (town), Nepal

Kathmandu , Nepal , Himalayas ,Everest (Photo credit: ilkerender)

Castello Estense, Ferrara, Italy

Ferrara. Castello Estense (Photo credit: Leonardo Mucaria)

Schönbrunn Palace (Schloss Schönbrunn), Wien, Austria

Schloss Schönbrunn (Photo credit: Cha già José)

Cahir Castle, Ireland

Ireland: Cahir Castle (Photo credit: Kevin Lawver)

Susukino (district), Japan

ORION BEER pub. (Photo credit: MJTR (´・ω・))

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