Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam

Sunrise at Schiphol Airport (Photo credit: carolune)

Kaminarimon, Japan

Kaminarimon Gates II (Photo credit: Kojach)

Naerofjorden, Sognefjord, Norway

Nærøyfjord (Photo credit: Kamil Porembiński)

Nidelva river, Norway

Autumn (Photo credit: Kim Joar Bekkelund)

Isla Victoria, Argentina

Muelle de madera (Photo credit: cgraphics2020)

Djenne (city), Mali Mali (Photo credit:

Predjamski Grad, Slovenia

Predjama, Slovenia (Photo credit: Stephen Colebourne)

Torre de Calatrava, Spain

Torre de Calatrava (Photo credit: Antonio González Tajuelo)

Pico do Arieiro, Maderia, Portugal

IMG_1444 (Photo credit: marianne bevis)

Kek Lok Si, Malaysia

buddha collection (Photo credit: Dave_B_)

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