Seurasaari, Finland

Seurasaari, Helsinki (Photo credit: anjči)

Life Among Malawi Villages

Women pounding grain for the evening meal in Khulungira Village, in central Malawi (Photo credit: ILRI)

Ligatne, Latvia

Ligatne and Smiltene, Latvia April 2006 0016 (Photo credit: Donald Judge)

Uetliberg (mountain), Switzerland

Uetliberg (Photo credit: afritzse)

Yakushima (island), Japan

Mononoke forest, Yakushima island (Photo credit: Casey Yee)

Lassithi Plateau, Greece

Crete Lassithi
Crete Lassithi (Photo credit: Mhinner~commonswiki)

Cachticky Hrad is a Must See when Visiting Slovakia


Shiretoko park, Japan

知床一湖 - Lake Shiretoko 1 (Photo credit: hoge asdf)

Masoala National Park, Madagascar

The eye of the gecko (Photo credit: Tambako The Jaguar)

Puya Raymondi, a Rare Endangered Plant

A rare plant found in the Andes mountain range of Bolivia and Peru, the puya raymondi is a rare and endangered species that typically grows at an altitude of around 4,000 meters, or just over 13,000 feet. While this is a higher elevation, the plant can grow at lower altitudes as we...

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