Cordillera Blanca (mountain range), Peru

Alpamayo (Photo credit: Cristian Ordenes)

Chefren (pyramid), Egypt

Cheope e Chefren (Photo credit: Alessio Milan)

The Ammarin Bedouin Camp and Campgrounds, Jordan

Ammarin Bedouin Camp
Ammarin Bedouin Camp (Photo credit: sumi_sousa)

Putna Monastery, Romania

Untitled (Photo credit: prisgenoux)

Kapit (town), Malaysia

Kapit skyline (Photo credit: lok_lok05)

The Longmen Caves

Dragon's Gate Grottoes (Photo credit: Kevin Poh)

Puerto Mogan, Canary Islands

Puerto de Mogán (Photo credit: David Huang)

Rila National Park - Bulgarian wonderland stimulates local economy


Blyde River Canyon, South Africa

Blyde River Canyon (Photo credit: Irene2005)

Queensboro Bridge, USA

Queensboro Bridge full speed (Photo credit: Ludovic Bertron)

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