Apamea (ruins), Syria

Syria 77 - Apamea - Colonnaded (Photo credit: gray_um)

Sabratha, Libya

Sabratha teatro romano Libia 13 Libya Sabratha Roman theater ليبيا صبراتة المسرح الروماني (Photo credit: Rafa http://www.micamara.es)

The Beautiful Bavarian Forest

1 Nationalpark Bayerischer Wald
1 Nationalpark Bayerischer Wald (Photo credit: W. Bulach)

Windmill Het Jonge Schaap

Windmills and De Zaan River (Photo credit: Anne Hornyak)

The Ancient City of Petra, Jordan

Rock Cut Tombs, Petra (Photo credit: Rhys Davenport)

Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

Preserved Sausages (Photo credit: Lomogirl)

Icefield Parkway is A Must-See for Canadian Scenery

Bow Lake beim Icefields Parkway
Bow Lake beim Icefields Parkway (Photo credit: Florian Fuchs)

Xcaret (location, eco park), Mexico

Grand Xcaret Yacatan Beach (Photo credit: Occidental Grand Xcaret)

Huis Ten Bosch (park), Japan

HUIS TEN BOSCH (Photo credit: machu.)

Yufuin, Japan

spa (Photo credit: hirotomo)

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