The historic city of Pisaq

Pisaq (Photo credit: EduardoZ)

Ulun Danu, Bali, Indonesia

2008-0608 (7119) Ulun Danu Temple (Photo credit: jenniferphoon)

Kijal (town), Malaysia

Dogo Onsen Hot Spring, Japan

Dogo Onsen 2017-04-05 (34325087542)
Dogo Onsen 2017-04-05 (34325087542) (Photo credit: Ytoyoda)

Unique and Beautiful – White Rock Lake, Texas

Sunrise 9-17-10 #4 (Photo credit: Tim Lee Photographic Art)

Jervis Bay (territory), Australia

Shells on Bherwerre beach (Photo credit: Aschaf)

Island of Flowers, Madeira

Pride of Madeira (Photo credit: Michele Ursino)

Beijing Olympic Stadium, China

The Bird's nest Beijing Olympic Stadium (Photo credit: borisindublin)

Gothic Castles

Budapest Parliament buildings (Photo credit: lanchutt)

Lac de Sainte Croix, France

Lac de Sainte-Croix - 9-8-2012 - 19h14 (Photo credit: Panoramas)

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