Guimaras (island), Philippines

villa_igang_pic39 (Photo credit: Emmanuel Barrios)

Malacca Town, Malaysia

Malacca, Malaysia (Photo credit: khair mispan)

Chaweng, Thailand

Chaweng (Photo credit: greenmarlin)

Hekla (stratovolcano), Iceland

Mt. Hekla at Dawn (Photo credit: axelkr)

The ancient ruins of Altun Ha

Altun Ha (Photo credit: Canon in 2D)

Krak Des Chevaliers (fortress), Syria

krak des chevaliers (Photo credit: Hendrik Dacquin)

Mamallapuram, India

India - Mamallapuram - 004 - Shore Temple (Photo credit: McKay Savage)

Stave Churches, World

Stavkirke (Photo credit: Leif and Evonne)

Predjamski Grad, Slovenia

Predjama, Slovenia (Photo credit: Stephen Colebourne)

Kastellet, Denmark

Kastellet Ramparts (Photo credit: kmaschke)

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