Millennium Bridge, UK

(mentre invece) (Photo credit: Fabio Venni)

Sultan Ahmed Mosque, Turkey

Inside Blue Mosque Istanbul Constantinople Large HDR Panorama (Photo credit: zoutedrop)

Caleta Gonzalo, Chile

Caleta Gonzalo (Photo credit: betoscopio)

Teak Temple in Mandalay

Mandalay-Shwenandaw-10-gje (Photo credit: Gerd Eichmann)

Gran Sasso (mountain), Italy

Autunno, autumn, Herbst 2007, my most popular photo. (Photo credit: pizzodisevo)

Palac na Wodzie

Poland Warsaw Łazienki Palace
Poland Warsaw Łazienki Palace (Photo credit: Wojsyl)

Volterra, Italy

Volterra 2 (Photo credit: Francesco Sgroi)

Socotra, Yemen

Desert rose (Photo credit: Gerry & Bonni)

Portofino, Italy

Portofino (Photo credit: justinknabb)

Gordes village, France

Gordes 021 (Photo credit: Ming-yen Hsu)

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