Eskilstuna, Sweden

Eskilstuna, Sweden (Photo credit: haba_fin)

Cold deserts of India

Camel ride (Photo credit: wildxplorer)

Knaresborough Bridge, UK

Knaresborough (Photo credit: alh1)

Badaling (section of Great Wall), China

Great Wall of China at Badaling (Photo credit: jaaron)

Zwinger Palace, Dresden, Germany

Zwinger Palace Courtyard (Photo credit: ilovebutter)

Epcot, Orlando, Florida

Epcot. (Photo credit: Kyle McCluer)

Socotra, Yemen

Desert rose (Photo credit: Gerry & Bonni)

Sakurajima (volcano), Japan

Sakurajima at Sunset (Photo credit: Kimon Berlin)

Tsavo national park, Africa

IMG_5153 (Photo credit: Donald Macauley)

Discover Ancient Lycian Culture through the Lycian Rock Tombs

Lycian rock-cut tombs in Hellenistic style - Dalyan, Turkey
Lycian rock-cut tombs in Hellenistic style - Dalyan, Turkey (Photo credit: Jacopo Werther)

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