Shipka, Bulgaria

Shipka Memorial Church (Photo credit: Klearchos Kapoutsis)

Phoenix Zoo, USA

Baby OrangUtan at Phoenix Zoo (Photo credit: jimbowen0306)

Sakurajima (volcano), Japan

Sakurajima at Sunset (Photo credit: Kimon Berlin)

Bodie Ghost Town, California, USA

002 Bodie Ghost Town church (Photo credit: Jan Pauw)

Waddesdon manor, UK

Waddesdon manor (Photo credit: wit)

Cerro Castillo (rock peak), Chile Cerro Castillo, Chile (Photo credit: Rick McCharles)

Pueblito Paisa, Colombia

Pueblito Paisa (Photo credit: *L*u*z*A*)

New Year in Madeira

Holiday Madeira New Year 08-09 IMG_200 (Photo credit: Mark Woodbury)

Citta Alta, Bergamo, Italy

Sunset over Bergamo Alta (Photo credit: Jon Shave)

Kaminarimon, Japan

Kaminarimon Gates II (Photo credit: Kojach)

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