Germany's Pilgrimage Church by Architect Gottfried Bohm

Gottfried böhm, pilgrimage church, neviges 1963-1972
Gottfried böhm, pilgrimage church, neviges 1963-1972 (Photo credit: Flickr upload bot)

Hakuba, Japan

Hakuba (Photo credit: triplefivechina)

Sipadan, Malaysia

Sipadan Water Village, Mabul, Sabah (Photo credit: Barry Peters`)

Ryoanji, Japan

Ryoanji Temple rock garden 2 (Photo credit: danobrienmuzyka)

Stave Churches, World

Stavkirke (Photo credit: Leif and Evonne)

Medanos De Coro, Venezuela

Los caminantes (Photo credit: Ángel Raúl Ravelo Rodríguez)

Conques, France

Conques (2) (Photo credit: jmt-29)

Piazza San Marco (St. Mark’s Square), Venice, Italy

Piazza San Marco, empty (Photo credit: tiseb)

Sillustani (burial ground), Peru

Isabel and Roxanne (Photo credit: Steve Burt)

Knaresborough Bridge, UK

Knaresborough (Photo credit: alh1)

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