Semenic (park), Romania

Lacul Valiug (Photo credit: Coco_ro)

Maastricht, Netherlands

Vrijthof Maastricht Sunset (Photo credit: Wouter)

Konopiste castle

Konopiste II (Photo credit: MarekP)

Hofgarten (park), Munich, Germany

2004-10-30 11-01 Oberfranken 092 Bayreuth (Photo credit: Allie_Caulfield)

Spili village, Crete, Greece

Red Green Blue (Photo credit: Wolfgang Staudt)

Whirling Dervishes

Whirling Dervishes (Photo credit: shioshvili)

Shinbashi (district), Tokyo, Japan

The old Shinbashi station (Photo credit: heiwa4126)

Biserica Neagra (cathedral), Romania

Brasov, Romania (Photo credit: cod_gabriel)

Pelisor Castle - Artistic Excellence

Pelisor - 5
Pelisor - 5 (Photo credit: Gaspar Ros)


Кукери (kukeri) 2009 (Photo credit: Klearchos Kapoutsis)

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