Cathedral of Saint Cecile, Albi, France

The town of Albi by night, Tarn, France - Classified in 2010 by UNESCO, as world heritage. (Photo credit: MAMJODH)

Dyrhólaey Beach of Iceland

Dyrhólaey-1 (Photo credit: The.Rohit

Isla Victoria, Argentina

Muelle de madera (Photo credit: cgraphics2020)

Mono Lake, USA

Lakeside of Mono Lake
Lakeside of Mono Lake (Photo credit: Michael Gäbler)

Mamallapuram, India

India - Mamallapuram - 004 - Shore Temple (Photo credit: McKay Savage)

Udzungwa National Park, Tanzania

Udzungwa Mountains Red Colobus (Photo credit: Marc Veraart)

Whitehaven Beach, Australia

Worst beach ever ... (Photo credit: Johan Larsson)

Grossglockner, Austria

Grossglockner (Photo credit: Garaigoikoa)

Hermanus, Africa

Hermanus, South Africa (Photo credit: Manoel Lemos)

Relax or Take a Dive at Nanuya Island

Nanuya Lailai 1
Nanuya Lailai 1 (Photo credit: File Upload Bot (Magnus Manske))

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