Cahors Cathedral, Lot, France

Cahors Cathedral (Photo credit: decar66 {on&off})

Tonle Sap Lake, Cambodia

the floating village (Photo credit: laihiu)

Krak Des Chevaliers (fortress), Syria

krak des chevaliers (Photo credit: Hendrik Dacquin)

The Sacred Monkey Temple, Kathmandu

Monkeys at the Swayambhunath (Photo credit: Gilda)

Action and Adventure in Penken

Penken (Photo credit: Eiswind)

Hekla (stratovolcano), Iceland

Mt. Hekla at Dawn (Photo credit: axelkr)

Denmark – An Exciting, Innovative Country with Stunning Beauty, Rich Culture and Art


Windmill Het Jonge Schaap

Windmills and De Zaan River (Photo credit: Anne Hornyak)

Portofino, Italy

Portofino (Photo credit: justinknabb)

Eilean Donan: An Island Castle

Eilean Donan castle (Photo credit: Eusebius@Commons)

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