Barong Dance, Bali

Barong dance
Barong dance (Photo credit: Regasterios)

Porto Ercole, Tuscany, Italy

La Giannella (Photo credit: fabulousfabs)

The Wonders Of The Burg Eltz Castle

Castle Eltz (121706463)
Castle Eltz (121706463) (Photo credit: Rodrigo.Argenton)

Great Spots to Visit in Jacksonville

the pink flower tree (Photo credit: jenny.nash712)

Dunrobin Castle, Scotland

Dunrobin castle (Photo credit: Paul Wordingham)

Sedona Golf Resort, USA

Sedona Golf Resort (Photo credit: sean hobson)

Villandry (chateau), Indre-et-Loire, France

Villandry (Photo credit: Joe Shlabotnik)

Le Chateau Frontenac, Canada

Chateau Frontenac à Québec (Photo credit: Guillaume Cattiaux)

Caixa Forum (gallery), Spain

Caixa Forum Stairs (Photo credit: Felipe Gabaldón)

Thailand: Ancient Temple Ruins

Prang Sam Yot

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