Ausangate (mountain), Peru Ausangate Circuit, Peru (Photo credit: Rick McCharles)

Waddesdon manor, UK

Waddesdon manor (Photo credit: wit)

Godrevy Lighthouse, Cornwall, England

Godrevy (Photo credit: Tim Green)

Shiprock, New Mexico

Shiprock (Photo credit: bowie snodgrass)

Orinoco River cruise

Pequeño Caño, Rio Orinoco, Amazonas Venezuela (Photo credit: Don Perucho)

Hackescher Markt, Germany

Hackescher Markt (Photo credit: vxla)

Ege Denizi (Aegean Sea), Greece, Turkey

MAR EGEU / AEGEAN SEA / EGE DENIZI (Photo credit: Rui Ornelas)

Italy is where it’s at!

Calle de Pompeya (Photo credit: guillenperez)

Higashiyama, Japan

Higashiyama Zoo - sakuras everywhere (Photo credit: emrank)

Pyramid of Kukulcan, Mexico

2010 Mexico 088e Piramide of Kukulcan (Photo credit: jjjj56cp)

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