Water puppets, Vietnam

water puppet show, hanoi (Photo credit: anthrovik)

Via Panisperna, Rome

An asphalt tongue at Monti downtown (Photo credit: Emanuele)

Emirates Stadium, London, UK

Emirates Stadium (Photo credit: wonker)

Stadthuys, Malacca, Malaysia

080124 Melaka, Malaysia-55 (Photo credit: Capella "Pia" Boltiador)

Torre Agbar, Spain

Torre Agbar, de noche (Photo credit: alvy)

Gokyo Ri, Nepal

Nepal - Sagamartha Trek - 089 - Sunrise from Gokyo Ri (Photo credit: McKay Savage)

Shinbashi (district), Tokyo, Japan

The old Shinbashi station (Photo credit: heiwa4126)

Enjoying the Gorges du Durnand

Gorges du Durnand Switzerland
Gorges du Durnand Switzerland (Photo credit: Gzzz)

Piazza dei Miracoli, Pisa, Italy

IMG_1500 (Photo credit: beggs)

Fasil Ghebbi – What you must know

Gondar Castles (Fasil Ghebbi) (Photo credit: DamienHR)

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