Chateau d'If, Marseille, France

Château d'If (Photo credit: alphis tay)

Kijal (town), Malaysia

Joatinga, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Praia da Joatinga (Photo credit: Rodrigo_Soldon)

Island of Flowers, Madeira

Pride of Madeira (Photo credit: Michele Ursino)

Akropolis, Athens, Greece

Akropolis in the evening (Photo credit: Larissa Kirillina)

Medinet Habu Temple, Egypt

Habu Temple (Photo credit: andrea.prave)

Winterlude festival, Ottawa

Red Ice Sculpture (Photo credit: Justin Scott Campbell)

The Naturistic Henbury Meteorite Craters

Henbury Crater
Henbury Crater (Photo credit: WikiMichi)

Cotacachi, Ecuador

Cotacachi (Photo credit: 88rabbit)

Capones Island, Philippines

Capones Island (Photo credit: Yaki!)

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