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Ennis Friary, Ireland

Located on Abby St., Ennis Friary, which was founded by the O'Brien family, consists of several sculptures carved in hard limestone. In Ireland this destination goes back to the historic times of the 14th and 15th centuries. It is here that you will see a resemble figure of St. Francis which represents the Virgin and Child as well as the Ecco Homo. Towards the North you will find a magnificent tomb carved for McMahon.

This piece of history is open April through mid September. Within one hour you could take a tour which can include audio visual if desired. You also receive a leaflet of information as well as a guide to tour you around. You will also find other facilities including a restaurant, a place for automobile parking, a place for coach parking as well as access for the disabled.

As for its history the Ennis Friary founder, Donnchadh Cairbreach O'Brien, once ruled parts of the North Munster. He was actually a king of Thumond near the years of 1240 and 1249. During the tour most of what you see was not completed until the 14th century. It is compared to other ruins however is much different because of its five section window dating from around the 13th century and the tombstone from 1460 of McMahon which depicts scenes of the Passion.

Its actual location is in the Centre of Ennis Town. The prices upon entry vary from child to adult. It is a great place for the family to visit while traveling in Ireland and it is also a great place to visit for those who reside in and around the town.

You will find various hotels around Clare varying in price and accommodations. While in this town this is one of the places that must be visited because of its historic value.

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Duomo di Amalfi, Italy

il duomo di amalfi (image)
il duomo di amalfi (Photo credit: ©Antonio Salsano ©Salsano2012 - SIAE)

duomo amalfi1 lug07 (image)
duomo amalfi1 lug07 (Photo credit: doriana del sarto)
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Nidelva river, Norway

Autumn (image)
Autumn (Photo credit: Kim Joar Bekkelund)

Fotowalk in Trondheim (image)
Fotowalk in Trondheim (Photo credit: Christian Haugen)
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Temppeliaukio Rock Church, Helsinki, Finland

Temppeliaukio Church (image)
Temppeliaukio Church (Photo credit: Jorge Láscar)

Helsinki - Temppeliaukio (Rock) Church (image)
Helsinki - Temppeliaukio (Rock) Church (Photo credit: Svetlana Grechkina)
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La puerta de Bisagra (city gates), Toledo, Spain

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Puerta de Bisagra (image)
Puerta de Bisagra (Photo credit: Ines Hegedus-Garcia)

puerta bisagra (image)
puerta bisagra (Photo credit: Olga Berrios)
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Il Duomo, Milan

Kosciol Mariacki (chruch), Poland

Conques, France

Cahors Cathedral, Lot, France

Torre de Calatrava, Spain

Trondheim, Norway

Cefalù, Italy

Dunfermline, Scotland

Kalmar castle, Sweden

Victory column, Germany

Suomenlinna, Finland

Palais Het Loo, Netherlands