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Islas Baleares, Spain

Platja de Llevant, Formentera (image)
Platja de Llevant, Formentera (Photo credit: Michela Simoncini)

Platja de Llevant, Formentera (image)
Platja de Llevant, Formentera (Photo credit: Michela Simoncini)
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Ege Denizi (Aegean Sea), Greece, Turkey

Cunda Island Panorama... (image)
Cunda Island Panorama... (Photo credit: Kıvanç Niş)
MAR EGEU / AEGEAN SEA / EGE DENIZI (Photo credit: Rui Ornelas)
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Grand Mosque of Abu Dhabi

Magnificent Sheikh Zayed Mosque (image)
Magnificent Sheikh Zayed Mosque (Photo credit: ChildLight)

The grand mosque of Abu Dhabi is the biggest mosque inside the UAE. Also known as the Sheikh Zayed Mosque, it is the eight largest in the world. It was originally named after the Sheik Zayed Al Nahyan, who was the first president of the UAE. The mosque officially opened during the Ramadan month during 2007. It also holds the burial site of Zayed Al Nahyan. This structure can be accessed by the public from Saturday to Thursday until midday. Tours are also offered at ten o’clock.

Grand Mosque, Abu Dhabi (image)
Grand Mosque, Abu Dhabi (Photo credit: pelican)

Design for the grand mosque was inspired by Moorish and Mughal styled architecture. It has some direct design associations with the Hassan 2 Mosque and Badshahi Mosque. The floor plan and layout for the dome came from the Badshahi mosque in Lahore, Pakistan. Its curved archways symbolize Moorish architecture with classical Arab minarets. Some describe the layout as a fusion of Moorish, Mughal, and Arab architecture.

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Less obvious places to see in Czech Republic

Today Czech Republic is thriving. This is a country featuring medieval sites and old world charm.

Old Town from above HDR (image)
Old Town from above HDR (Photo credit: Pithawat Vachiramon)

Typically a visit to Czech Republic is a visit to the Old Town Square, the Wenceslas Square, some of castles and chateaus. Are there less obvious ways to experience Czech Republic?

Probably, and some of those places include:

Strahov Monastary

Prague, Czech Republic (image)
Prague, Czech Republic (Photo credit: Nigel's Europe)
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